The 236 series voltage sensor combines solid state sensing circuitry with a SPDT 13 amp relay or a DPDT 10 amp relay. The single pole version has recessed potentiometers for adjustment.The double pole version has knob adjustments. Pull-in voltage is 75 to 115% of nominal voltage. Dropout is 75 to 95% of set pick up.
Applications: Brownout protection, warning of under voltage condidtions and over voltage protection.

Prevents equipment burn out

Additional contact configurations and coil options are available – please use the RFQ/RFI tab above to submit your request.
UL Recognized               Made in U.S.A.
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Item #


Nominal Input Voltage

236ACPX-1-120VAC N/A Octal Base N/A 120 VAC
236ACPX-4-24VAC N/A Octal Base N/A 24 VAC
236ACX-1-120VAC N/A Square Base N/A 120 VAC
236ACX-2-240VAC N/A Square Base N/A 240 VAC
236ACX-4-480VAC N/A Square Base N/A 480 VAC
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