Rugged, industrial time delay versions of the popular 219 series. Contacts can be configured up to four pole double throw or six pole single throw. Time ranges are adjustable over a 1:10 range. Knob adjustment and integral hold down clip are standard. A large option list makes this product easily customized for special applications.

Additional contact configurations and coil options are available – please use the RFQ/RFI tab above to submit your request.
UL Recognized, UL Listed, & CSA
Unit of Measure



N/A 246

Contact Arrangement

N/A BBX (2 form A & 2 form C) 246 only

Mounting Options

N/A Plug in with polycarbonate cover

Timing Range

N/A 0.1 - 1.0 s

Adjustment Options

N/A Adjustment knob

Operating Voltage

N/A 115-125 VDC


Functions Available

N/A On-delay, Off-delay

Time Range

N/A Up to 10 minutes

Timing Adjustment

N/A Knob

Timing Repeatability (Constant voltage and temperature)

N/A 3%

Reset Time maximum

N/A 150

Input Pulse Length minimum

N/A 50


Contact Configuration


Contact Material

N/A Silver Alloy Gold Diffused

Contact Rating

N/A 10 A

Contact Rating 120 / 240VAC Resistive

N/A 10 A / 5 A

Contact Rating 28VDC Resistive

N/A 10 A

Minimum Contact Load

N/A 500 mW

Contact Resistance, Initial

N/A 100 milliohms max at 6VDC, 1A


Coils Available

N/A AC and DC

Transient Protection

N/A Yes

Reverse Polarity Protection

N/A Yes

Nominal Coil Power AC

N/A 5 VA

Nominal Coil Power DC

N/A 2.5 W

Input Voltage Tolerance - AC

N/A 85% to 110% of nominal

Input Voltage Tolerance - DC

N/A 80% to 110% of nominal


N/A Continuous

Dielectric Strength

Across Open Contacts

N/A 500 Vrms

Between Mutually Insulated Point

N/A 1500 Vrms

Insulation Resistance

N/A 1,000 Mohms min at 500VDC



N/A -20 to 70 ºC-4 to 158 ºF


N/A -40 to 105 ºC-40 to 221 ºF

Life Expectancy

Electrical (full load)

N/A 100,000

Mechanical (no load)

N/A 10,000,000


Mounting Position

N/A Any

Mating Socket

N/A 12 pin =27390, 27390D
14 pin = 33377, 33377D


N/A Hold down clip integral to relay


N/A Clear Polycarbonate


N/A 8.6 oz244 g