The 8 series is a general purpose power relay. It is base mounted with screw terminals, front connected, and has 600 volt spacing. The 8 series is supplied with continuous duty coils, and is suitable for applications ranging from supervisory and interlocking functions to control of small motors, heaters, solenoids or for transferring power from a main auxiliary supply or load.

Additional contact configurations and coil options are available – please use the RFQ/RFI tab above to submit your request.
Unit of Measure



N/A 8

Contact Arrangement

N/A CXX (3 N.O. )

Coil Voltage

N/A 120 VAC


Contact Configuration

N/A Up to 3PDT

Contact Material

N/A Silver

Contact Rating 120 / 240VAC Resistive

N/A 30 A

Contact Rating 28VDC Resistive

N/A 30 A

Contact Resistance, Initial

N/A 50 milliohms max at 6VDC


Coils Available

N/A AC and DC

Nominal Coil Power AC

N/A 15 VA

Nominal Coil Power DC

N/A 7 W

Input Voltage Tolerance - AC

N/A 85% to 110% of nominal

Input Voltage Tolerance - DC

N/A 80% to 110% of nominal

Drop-out voltge

N/A 10% of nominal


N/A Continuous


Operate Time (max)

N/A 50 ms

Release Time (max)

N/A 30 ms

Dielectric Strength

Across Open Contacts

N/A 1500 Vrms

Between Mutually Insulated Point

N/A 2200 Vrms

Insulation Resistance

N/A 1000 megohms at 500VAC



N/A -45 to 65 ºC-49 to 149 ºF


N/A -40 to 105 ºC-40 to 221 ºF

Life Expectancy

Electrical (full load)

N/A 100,000

Mechanical (no load)

N/A 500,000


Mounting Position

N/A Any


N/A Open


N/A 16.8 oz476 g