The 102, 200 Amp contactor is a heavy duty relay. Similar to the smaller 100 amp B101 the contactor uses a single pole with double make or double break switching. Contacts are protected in a molded plastic cover. Panel mounting is standard. The powerful electromagnetic structure produces high contact pressure which results in very reliable low resistance contacts for long life. The 102 series are ideally suited for applications in telecommunications, hoist and elevator industries, rail mass transit and others.

Additional contact configurations and coil options are available – please use the RFQ/RFI tab above to submit your request.
Unit of Measure



N/A 102

Contact Arrangement

N/A JXX (DPST N.O. - Double Make 100 Amp/pole)

Coil Voltage

N/A 28 VDC


Contact Configuration

N/A SPST-NO-Double Make

Contact Material

N/A Silver Alloy

Contact Rating

N/A 200 A

Contact Resistance, Initial

N/A 50 milliohms max at 6VDC


Coils Available

N/A AC and DC

Nominal Coil Power AC

N/A 28 VA

Nominal Coil Power DC

N/A 9 W

Input Voltage Tolerance - AC

N/A 85% to 110% of nominal

Input Voltage Tolerance - DC

N/A 80% to 110% of nominal

Drop-out voltge

N/A 10% of nominal


N/A Continuous


Operate Time (max)

N/A 60 ms

Release Time (max)

N/A 30 ms

Dielectric Strength

Across Open Contacts

N/A 1500 Vrms

Between Mutually Insulated Point

N/A 1500 Vrms

Insulation Resistance

N/A 1000 megohms at 500VAC



N/A -45 to 65 ºC-49 to 149 ºF


N/A -40 to 105 ºC-40 to 221 ºF

Life Expectancy

Electrical (full load)

N/A 100,000

Mechanical (no load)

N/A 500,000


Mounting Position

N/A Vertical


N/A Plastic Contact Cover


N/A 42.0 oz1200 g