The 645S series of solid state relays uses back to back SCRs for on/control of three phase loads. Operation is three pole normally open. Inputs can be AC or DC operated. Load currents can range from 10 to 75 amps and up to a nominal voltage of 480VAC. Both random turn on or zero cross construction is available.

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UL Recognized          RoHS Compliant
Unit of Measure



N/A 645S

Input Characteristics

Input Voltage

N/A 3-32 VDC

Input Characteristics


Must Release Voltage


Maximum Input Current

N/A 80 mA

Reverse Polarity Protection

N/A Yes

Output Characteristics

Output Characteristics

N/A 75 A

Rated Load Current (rms)

N/A 75 A

Min. Load current to maintain on

N/A 250 mA

Non-Repetitive Surge Current (1 cycle)

N/A 1150 A

Maximum I2T for Fusing (Asquared sec)

N/A 2600A2 S

Suggested Heatsink

N/A 0.14 ºC/W+FAN(2)

Load Voltage Range

N/A 53 to 480VAC

Frequency Range

N/A 50 to 63 Hz

Peak Blocking Voltage

N/A 803 to 1200

Maximum Rate of Rise Off State Voltage (dv/dt)

N/A 503 V/uS

Max. Off state leakage current (rms)

N/A 10 mA

Max. On State Voltage Drop

N/A 1.8 VAC

Maximum Turn-On Time at 60 Hz

N/A 8.3 ms

Maximum Turn-Off Time at 60 Hz

N/A 8.3 ms

Miscellaneous Characteristics

Dielectric Strength - I or O to case

N/A 4000 Vrms

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -30 to 80 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 100 ºC


N/A 320 g

Input Terminal Size

N/A M3.5

Output Terminal Size

N/A M4