These industrial style sockets offer front-connected wiring on one level with screw terminals accessible and numbered for ease in installation, wiring and checkout. Sockets are polarized. The mating relay has a locking clip that snaps into the socket, eliminating any need for external holding devices.
UL Listed
Unit of Measure



N/A 12 Pin socket DIN / panel mount, with fingersafe non-removable screw terminals and clamping plates


N/A 102 g


Protection Category (finger safe)

N/A IP20 IEC (D Series)

Internal Metal Tracks

N/A Copper alloy

Screws Terminals

N/A Steel, zinc plated

Screw Style and Size

N/A Combination Head - M3.5x0.06x6.35MM

Screw Terminals Torque Maximum

N/A 9 lb-in, 1.01 Nm

Electrical Rating

Nominal Voltage Rating

N/A 600 V

Nominal Current Rating

N/A 10 A



N/A -40 to 80 ºC

Dielectric Strength

Output to Adjacent Output Terminals

N/A 2000

Output to Input Terminals

N/A 2000 Vrms

Terminals to Rail Chassis

N/A 2000 Vrms


Chassis Mount Screw Torque

N/A 8- 10lb, 0.90 Nm

Flammability Rating

N/A 94V-0

Wire Size

N/A 20 -12 AWG, 0.5 - 3mm

Body Color

N/A Light grey

Din Locking Clip Color

N/A Red